You know whats annoying? Feelings. Seriously, they irk me. Me having feelings for anyone at all makes me feel weird and just i don’t know. I mean it’s nice for a little but then it just irks me. This probably don’t make any sense at all but it’s the truth. It’s annoying when people play games with you. It’s annoying to try and keep your feelings hidden. It’s annoying when people ask you who you like and then proceed to tell the world. It’s annoying when you’re prevented in every way, shape and form from expressing our feelings. The whole situation is just bothersome. Having feelings for someone who you think couldn’t even give one fuck about your feelings, hurts. Even if thats not the case. In the mind it hurts .. well in my mind it does. Sometimes i really do wish i didn’t catch feelings for anyone and that it’s always the opposite way around. Because if i really had the power to not feel this way, that would be great. But in reality, i can’t control how i feel. Nope i can’t. And trust me i’ve tried and failed. I’m tried of always being that moment girl. I’m more than a moment .. I know i’m way more than that. I wish that if someone liked me, they wouldn’t be scared to tell me or just not give a fuck about what other people think. Because last time i checked, when someone truly likes someone it’s not between the said person and person #1,2,3,4 and5. No it’s two people. And if there are other then guess what your not being fair to that said person or to anyone else. Thats just mean. And hurtful. I just wish that someone, whoever it is, was straight up with me. Like we mutually like each other and there was no ” but” or ” we can’t because ” .. no. None of that at all. But somehow i always end up being that moment girl. Like i make people feel good about themselves for that moment in time and after that .. they’re basically gone.

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  • 03 June 2012
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